You might of heard this word being thrown around lately; WHOLEFOODS. So I will be discussing what it means to me and how I use it in my nutrition.

Wholefoods is food as was intended by nature. Unprocessed and as pure as possible. Some of these foods include:

Meat, eggs, fish, legumes & beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, seeds, rice, wheat.

The more of these food that I have in my diet, the more nutrient dense my overall nutritional intake will be. And this is very important. Processed food is generally less nutrient dense and will need more consumption of these types of foods to sustain my daily energy expenditure and metabolism.

There are some wholefoods that I will consume that have been processed. Like sauerkraut, as this type of food has been fermented and is high in vitamins and minerals. This type of food is high in micro nutrients and I will try to eat this regularly. I also eat a good quality organic yogurt which is also high in micro nutrients and probiotics.


I try to slow cook my organic meats, to retain as much nutrient density as possible. Cooking at anything below 100 degrees C is great.


I love eggs. They are a good source of fats and protein. I eat these regularly.

Legumes and beans

These little gems need to be soaked or spouted overnight before eating. They are a great source of protein and fibre.


I try to eat a good amount of vegies with every meal. I think its important to eat raw and cooked vegies. There are a few vegies that I have to cook, but some don’t need to be cooked so I eat them raw. Great source of micro nutrients and fibre.


Fruits are generally higher in carbohydrates. But they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals and fibre.


Milk is a tricky one. Due to the pasteurizing and homogenization of milk, a lot of the essential fats, vitamins and minerals that were in milk originally have been killed due to this process. So I try to stay away from this. I will still have a bit of dairy in my coffee, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts need to be sprouted like legumes and beans. Especially nuts.

When preparing nuts, its is call activating. Soak your nuts in filtered water over night. Rinse them. Then lay them in a flat tray and put in the oven below 80 degrees until crunchy. This process removes the phytates which act as an anti-nutrient in the body.


I Cook it. It’s a great source of carbs!!


I mainly eat this in bread only. I am not a fan of pasta. It makes me feel sluggish. I like the brown breads mainly. I find that my energy release from the darker breads to be a slow sustained release.


Steve Zekic