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Simply the best

With over $10 million invested in this facility it simply is the best facility in Sydney, if not all of Australia.

Atmosphere Gym was built and developed by local Penrith residents Peter & Kristelle. It was built and designed to suit all members of the community and to have a welcoming and non-intimidating feel to it. Our facilities and programs are designed for people of all ages from children all the way up to grandparents.

We have 11 training studios that are all separate from each other so you feel comfortable in that environment. Most typical gyms have one training area where all different groups of people are supposed to train alongside each other and feel comfortable when in reality we know that is not the case.

We also feel very strongly about promoting a healthy lifestyle which consists of regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet and a positive mental attitude. That is the main reason Atmosphere was built for the community of Penrith – A place where people come to to improve their health and life in a friendly environment and meet like minded people.

If you have been thinking about making some positive changes to your health and lifestyle, take a walk through our club with the virtual tour on this page and you will begin to understand how you can feel comfortable in Atmosphere. Once you have taken the virtual tour please call to book in an appointment to see how we can help you improve your health and quality of life. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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