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Be inspired by our triathletes and the goals you can achieve in triathlon. At Atmosphere, we cater to all levels of triathletes including juniors, beginners and veteran athletes. Our coaches are all seasoned IRONMAN athletes with experience in all levels and distances.


Atmosphere has a large dedicated Multisport studio for indoor cycling. We have 24 computrainers, enabling you to actually feel the grades in your legs as you ride mountain stages through the French Alps, a stage from the Tour De France and much more. All this happens as you see the live footage in HD on a 60” TV in front of you with each 2 riders sharing a HD TV. The workout intensity varies calling on all of your energy systems – VO2, Mixed Threshold, Anaerobic Endurance and Functional Threshold Power testing. We guarantee to improve your cycling and race performance – put simply the return in fitness on time invested is like no other workout.


We guarantee to have you swimming faster and more confidently in your races if you attend our swim squads. We group our squads into 3 lanes, one each for the very fast, moderate and newbies.


Strength work is critical for athletes (Novice to professional) to perform at their best in their goal races. We have dedicated strength and conditioning classes aimed at strengthening and activating your core muscles to improve your race performances and help you get that PB.


Our Technogym treadmills are ideal to compliment your outdoor running sessions. Our coaches can load very specific run sets onto your wellness key so your whole run set is automatically programmed for you when you step onto the treadmill. Grade and speed intervals are set by our coach, all you have to do is provide the sweat and energy.

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