Signature Classes

Skill Athletic

free the athlete within

So you want to be taken outside of your comfort zone? The training floor is open to everyone: fitness level doesn’t matter, your will to enjoy and improve does. An immersive, sensory experience like no other. You’ll back yourself and challenge yourself in search of that euphoric high.


This is the class for those who want to reach new limits of speed and agility. FAST is inspired by the highly technical speed training and agility drills that sprinters and every athlete run through to maximise their performance. As such, Speed and agility drills are an ordinary feature of this class, aiming to improve your mental and physical coordination and readiness in a fun and engaging environment. Class duration – 45 minutes.


Brave is the class created to test one’s physical and mental strength. In this class, several medium/high intensity exercises are combined to obtain a structured high intensity interval training workout. Here, the main objective is to be able to complete the training without ever giving up. As the name suggests, BRAVE is a class not meant for the faint hearted as it will force you to find the courage necessary to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Class duration – 50 minutes.


Mighty is the class to develop the ultimate movement quality of fundamental, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting exercises, where the challenge to oneself is constant. In terms of athletic finesse, Mighty is the final step for those who have reached the pinnacle of the Skillathletic Training, since it entails the highest level of technical complexity mixed with the use of overload. In this class, athletes look for an improvement of strength and power in all their shapes or forms. Class duration – 50 minutes.


Boost is the class that allows you to power up your athletic skills and achieve Total Body Performance – enhanced body awareness that will aid in weight loss with high caloric expenditure. Boost is suitable not only for STAMINA junkies, but also for those people who approach the world of SKILLATHLETIC for the first time and want to get their body back. Class duration – 50 minutes.