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Pilates develops a greater understanding of how your body works and feels. It requires concentration and focus, because you are moving your body through precise ranges of motion. Regular Pilates practice lengthens and strengthens all major muscle groups in your body in a balanced and controlled fashion.
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The Best Place to Enjoy Pilates in Penrith

Pilates has grown to become an international sensation. This form of low-impact exercise is fun and effective, helping you to strengthen your muscles while also correcting your posture and boosting your flexibility. We are very proud to offer reformer Pilates classes to Penrith residents. Our qualified instructors use all of the latest techniques and equipment to really help every member of the class push for that burn regardless of their level of experience.

What To Expect From Our Pilates Classes In Penrith

Our instructors offer a huge range of classes depending on your specific goals. If you are looking to activate your deep core muscles, then you will love our class for athletes. If you are looking to enjoy all of the general benefits of Pilates, then our general class is a great option. 

Why Start Reformer Pilates

When it comes to Pilates classes Penrith residents really trust in the quality of our classes. But why exactly should you choose Pilates over another exercise technique?

A Stronger Core

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that really engages your core. This goes a long way to helping you feel in control of your body. It also helps to burn fat and make you look trimmer, giving you definition while boosting your overall strength. This can help you to enjoy outdoor activities and sports to a higher degree and also make you feel much younger and fitter in general.

A Balanced Posture

Our modem lifestyle has led to so many Australians suffering with poor posture and its disastrous effects. Hours spent on sofas and at office desks means that our spines are crooked and most of us demonstrate a strong preference for one side of our body. Through a variety of exercises, Pilates helps to readjust posture and reinstall a sense of balance. This means that you can walk with more confidence and comfort, having a huge impact on your overall health and helping you to feel more comfortable later in life.

Reduced Stress

Pilates is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of stress that you feel. As negative emotions and thoughts take hold, you need an outlet to get rid of them. We all know how stressful modern life can be, so an outlet is very important to living a happy and stress-free life. Pilates stretches and engages your body, helping you to shake off feelings of tension and stress. This helps you to live a much happier life and also has a positive impact on your overall mood.

Better Circulation

Pilates has a huge impact on your breathing patterns. By making your lungs provide more oxygen to the rest of your body, you will find that Pilates is a remarkably effective way to improve circulation.

Launch Your Pilates Adventure Today

If you are ready to try Pilates for the first of tenth time, be sure to get in touch with us today. It will be our pleasure to tell you more about our classes and how you can begin to enjoy all of the benefits outlined above. If you’re looking for other activities to complement your Pilates training, we also have a variety of classes designed to get you to your desired fitness level. We offer swimming classes to help you build your endurance. Our group fitness classes will help you get fit while working out with other people. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and build a fitness schedule they love to come back to! Read Less


Pilates has a strong focus on activating your deep core muscles which result in fluid, correct movement patterns and firing of muscles. This improves performance, speed and reduces injury risks.


Due to the focus on core activation and stabilisation, Pilates will improve your posture and spinal health and leave you feeling strong through your spine and midsection.

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