Atmosphere Classes

Yoga and Pilates


Ready to start your day with downward dog, or stretch and flex your way through a Pilates class? Our purpose-built Yoga and Pilates Studio is your perfect match. Build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body with a range of classes including Reformer Pilates, Vinyasha Yoga and Antigravity.


Ready to calm your body, mind and spirit? Hatha yoga is the original form of yoga. Hatha, meaning union, is an ancient practice inviting a peaceful connection with our body and mind.  You will find asana (yoga pos-tures) and pranayama (breath work) practices in this class practiced more slowly with a more static posture hold in preparation for meditation. Suitable for all levels.  


AntiGravity® is a creative class based on a movement art form designed to inspire fitness. Joints are pushed to maintain mobility, muscles worked to maintain proper alignment and proprioceptors are sharpened to maintain agility. In performing AntiGravity® techniques you not only become more efficient with your movement, but also more confident about your physicality. The class is rewarding, not only based on physical results, but also on the satisfaction of creative accomplishment.


Vinyasa yoga incorporates asana (yoga postures) with pranayama (breath),  Vinyasa meaning flow, is a method of yoga in which the movements form a flowing sequence synchronised with the breath. You will usually find some form of sun salutations in this class. Suitable for all levels. 


A Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates based class that builds flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling centred and calm.


Pilates has a strong focus on activating your deep core muscles which result in fluid, correct movement patterns and firing of muscles. This improves performance, speed and reduces injury risks. We offer three levels; Essentials (beginners), Progression (intermediate) and Athletic (advanced). You must complete 6 Essential classes before enrolling into Progression. 


The key difference between Reformer and Mat Pilates is that it uses a Pilates Reformer machine which adds resistance and support to the exercises via the use of springs. Beginners must complete 6 essentials classes in both Pilates Mat & Reformer prior to moving into a progression program. We have three levels Reformer Essentials (beginners), Progression (intermediate) and Athletic (advanced). After you have completed your six Essential classes you are also able to attend our JUMP and TOWER programs. Our JUMP program focuses on cardio utilising the Reformer, this is a great low impact option. TOWER explores a different aspect of the Pilates format utilising the tower on the reformer to engage all the muscles in the body to improve technique.