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Our dedicated hiit studio is purpose built for HIIT training – build lean muscle and take your cardiovascular fitness to new levels. Be inspired by the energy of the group environment and let our motivated trainers guide you through invigorating workouts in a variety of classes. Get ready to add HIIT workouts to your life and take your fitness to the next level. You’ll be addicted to the results. These HIIT workouts build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn during and post workout.
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Functional HIIT Fitness Training In Penrith

Do you want to transform your body but don’t know where to start? If so, we’re here to help you. Welcome to Atmosphere Fitness; home of the best functional fitness training in Penrith.

Our Functional HIIT Training In Penrith

HIIT training stands for high-intensity interval training. It’s a cardiovascular exercise strategy that rotates between short spurts of intense anaerobic exercise and longer, less intense recovery periods. Our HIIT training classes have helped our members achieve some amazing results and they can do the same for you.

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Our dedicated hiit studio is specifically designed for HIIT training so members can have access to the equipment and support they need to build lean muscle and reach their fitness goals. Join one of our HIIT classes and get inspired by each and every person who’s in that room with you.

Working out in the right environment is key when it comes to reaching fitness goals and we promise that you’ll be addicted to the inspiration, motivation and results you’ll achieve. We promise that you’ll be counting down the days where you can come and burn calories in our HIIT studio!

Get Maximum Results with HIIT Training Classes

If you want to get leaner, fitter and healthier, it’s time to dig deep into your energy reserve by joining us for the following classes;

GRITSTRENGTH – This is a 30-minute class that will take your body into overdrive and help you to get fitter, faster!

BODYFIT – Building muscle is the aim of the game in this class so be prepared to work every muscle in your body.

HIITFIT – We love mixing things up in this class to keep members on their toes so workout exercises vary but the results of burning hundreds of calories and ramping up your metabolism will remain the same.

OUTRACE – We focus on movement in this specific class by utilising the latest innovation in functional and suspension fitness training to help members improve their motor skills.

Try Functional Fitness Training In Penrith Today

Working out on your own is like running around in the dark.  If you don’t know where you are going you will get lost so know what you’re doing and fall in love with fitness by signing up for a HIIT class with us today.

We also make it easy for busy parents by running an on-site day care centre where kids can be dropped off whilst mummy and daddy get fit and healthy. And if you want to chill out and go for a swim and sauna after your workout, we also have an Olympic sized heated swimming pool and a traditional steam sauna.

For more information about functional fitness training in Penrith, we welcome you to pop into see us or give us a call today.

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30 minute high intensity interval training workout that takes you into overdrive and gets you fitter, super-fast!


Work every muscle in your body through a series of body weight and equipment based exercise stations. Guaranteed to build lean muscle and increase fitness within an inspiring environment.


High intensity functional training that delivers a dynamic and varied workout every time. Ramp up your metabolism, burn calories and ignite your energy!


OUTRACE offers the latest innovation in functional and suspension fitness training that focuses on movement, not muscle. The purpose is to develop motor skills to improve functional movements in everyday activities, making life easier and more enjoyable. OUTMOVE, OUTTRAIN, OUTPLAY and SKILL ATHLETIC classes all operate with OUTRACE.

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