If you’ve ever had to walk up the stairs to get to a hotel room then you probably have had a thought cross your mind that it could be considered as a hard workout! Now, imagine walking up those same stairs for about 30 minutes because that is exactly what the stair master is like. This amazing but also leg-burning machine allows you to essentially walk straight up a flight of stairs for as long as you like, or can handle! Once you try it you’ll see that in a matter of only minutes you can be drenched in sweat and your legs will feel on fire, in a good way. Here at Atmosphere, we really like this piece of cardio equipment and we think you will too and here are 6 of the benefits you’ll get when you start incorporating the stair master into your weekly workout regimen.


You might be tempted to go straight past the stair master, aiming for the more familiar treadmill or elliptical but by doing this you could be choosing the slower calorie-burning option. This cardio workout forces you to use our bodies largest muscle groups which means not only is it burning more while you do the workout but also after the workout because of its resistance training element (as you’re having to drive upwards against your own body weight). As long as you use the machine properly and push yourself then you could be burning 200+ calories, give or take, in around 30 minutes.


As we mentioned above, the stair master is not JUST a cardio workout but it also heavily fires up your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and core. You may have heard that you continue to burn more calories after a strength workout because your body is working overtime to help repair those muscles that have been under pressure (which is how they grow), this is also what happens after your stair master workout! Even though you might feel all the burn in your legs, your core also activates in order to keep you balanced and upright while you’re walking up the levels. Having a strong core not only feels great but it helps with better posture, everyday balance, stability and decreases your chance of injuries.


You might feel like you’re walking up the stairs to absolutely nowhere initially but, once you’ve got that down and you start feeling stronger and familiar with the machine then you can really start to shake up your workouts. You don’t just have to walk upwards step by step, you can include some more interesting movements such as squats, lunges, skip-steps, crossovers and so much more. If you’re a stair master regular then try checking out platforms like YouTube for all of the other great exercises you could incorporate into your routine. Of course, make sure that you are feeling 100% on your form before moving onto these more advanced movements in order to stay injury-free. If you are not sure then ask a personal trainer nearby!


Look, we know! Cardio is not everyone’s favourite thing to do but it’s something we should all work on. Having good cardiovascular health is essential to keeping our heart healthy which is becoming more and more important with heart disease killing an Australian every 30 minutes.


Running either on a treadmill or outside is very high impact on the joints throughout our body. If you’re starting to feel it and need to swap your usual run for a cardio workout that is not as high impact, then the stair master might be your answer. If you are injured or really in pain then we would definitely suggest speaking to your doctor first, an even lower impact alternative cardio exercise for you could be swimming.


We are big fans of functional exercises here at Atmosphere and the stair master is one machine on that list because it is a natural body movement that we could find ourselves doing on any regular day. Strengthening the muscles that we use regularly is so helpful and by doing so consistently, you’ll be able to boost up and down those stairs well into your golden years!

Next time you’re feeling up to trying something new in the gym, consider taking the ‘step’ and jump onto one of our stair masters. With such great benefits, your body will be thanking you.