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Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives in the Penrith community through health, fitness and wellness. We achieve this by encouraging people to live an active lifestyle, complemented by a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in regular self-care. We deliver this in a world class, resort style, non-intimidating facility that is furnished with the best exercise equipment in the world, catering to everyone from beginners to the experienced gym goer, covering all aspects of fitness. Our onsite NU Healthy cafe covers healthy eating. Atmosphere is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our members by improving their self esteem, confidence and overall well being. We strive to assist our members to develop new, life improving habits, meet new friends and form new social networks. We encourage our members to Live Life Active.
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Penrith Aquatic Centre

In designing and opening Atmosphere Fitness, our mission was to establish a premium level, state-of-the art health and fitness facility that met the every need of the community. That meant going beyond providing exercise equipment and training areas – we had to provide a fully equipped aquatic area.

What Is In Our Aquatic Centre Gym In Penrith

The Pool

Of course our pool isn’t just “any pool”. That just wouldn’t match the ambitions we had for our facility. At Atmosphere Fitness, our members can enjoy swimming and training in a full sized Olympic pool.

Our 50m heated indoor pool is dedicated to supporting lap swimming and is open all year round from 5am daily and 6am on Sundays. Whether you are training for an event, like to swim to keep fit or just like to leisurely loiter about, our pool has the size and space to meet your needs. We run weekly swim squads too for those of you really looking to up their swimming game and fitness levels.

The Sauna

Our Penrith Aquatic Centre supports the recovery needs of gym goers and athletes by providing a traditional steam sauna. Detox the body and improve your mobility and circulation by taking some well-deserved time out in our steam sauna. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a swim or workout or even just to simply destress and unwind after a long day.

The Classes At Our Aquatic Centre In Penrith

With a team of qualified and experienced aquatic instructors and a world class swimming pool, Atmosphere Fitness are proud to offer the best range of swimming and aquafit classes in Penrith. Whatever your fitness levels, interests or goals, you will find a class to meet your needs at our aquatic centre. Our range of classes includes:


These 45-60 minute swimming training sessions are ideal for absolute beginners or frightened swimmers who want to build and strengthen their swimming skills at their own pace.


The 60 minute classes for all swimming fitness levels, helping people to get fit and become even stronger swimmers.


The 75-90 minute master swimming sessions for experienced swimmers and triathletes seeking to take their swimming capabilities and fitness to a whole new level.


The general aqua aerobics class designed to challenge those of any level of fitness, providing a mix of intensity and workout styles.


The gentle Aqua Aerobics class ideal for seniors, those returning to exercise, those recovering from surgery, injury or who suffer with joint or mobility issues.

Aqua Pre and Post Natal

A specialised class for pre and postnatal exercise. Partners, mothers, aunties, friends and other support people welcome to also attend. 


Non weight bearing exercises using a buoyancy belt (provided) in deep water, providing a whole body workout!

Enjoy Our Aquatic Centre Gym In Penrith Today

Our aquatic centre gym in Penrith and fitness facilities really have to been to be believed. That’s why we invite you to reach out to us by phone, online or by dropping by the centre to book in for a free tour and trial of our state-of-the-art fitness centre.

We promise you a leisure centre experience like nothing you have encountered before, with our expert team to guide you around, provide advice and answer any questions you have during your visit.

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At Atmosphere Health & Fitness Club, our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Atmosphere offers the most comprehensive member integration process into our Club of any gym. This will help you find the path to your health and fitness journey, and stay on it! We offer over 120 Group Fitness Classes per week which will help you maintain motivation through support and inspiration.

If Personal Training is your thing, Atmosphere’s Personal Trainers will help you achieve results faster. If you are looking to accelerate weight loss, tone or shape your body, build muscle mass or just improve your current results, we can help. Be fuelled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential.On top of this, Atmosphere offers a 4 week Healthy Weight Management and Nutrition course, FREE to our members.

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