What better way to tackle your fitness journey than with a gym buddy? When your alarm goes off or you finish work, it can be all too tempting to skip out on gym and tell yourself you’ll go tomorrow. No one is holding you accountable, so who’s going to find out? This can be a slippery slope. You may just intend to miss one session, which turns into two, and before you know it you haven’t been in months and you don’t even know where your gym card is! Making plans with a friend to go together will encourage you to stick to your commitment, help you look forward to your workout, and you may even get better results with someone motivating you the whole time. However, it’s easy to spend more time in the gym chatting than actually working out! Luckily, we’ve done all the planning for you. This killer workout will keep you both focused and on track towards your goals. Complete 10-12 reps of each exercise, then swap when necessary. Repeat each set (body weight, medicine ball, resistance band) three times for maximum results!

Warm up: Row sprints

Begin with a bit of friendly competition to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Set 200m on the rowing machine and see who can cross the finish line first. This will work your arms, legs and core, as well as improve your cardiovascular fitness. Repeat three times. No matter who wins, you’ll both be puffing by the end of it!

Body weight

Wheelbarrow push-up with squat

Brace yourself in a plank position. Have your partner stand between your feet and squat down to pick up your ankles. Your arms should be fully extended with your hands placed directly below your shoulders. Brace your core and lower into a push up. At the same time, your partner will lower into a squat. Drive through your arms and return to your starting position as your partner powers through their legs to stand straight again. Repeat.

Rotational plank and clap

Both you and your partner brace yourselves in a plank position side by side. With your arms fully extended and your core tight, lift your outside arms and rotate your torso so that your fingers reach towards the ceiling. Clap at the top and steadily reverse the movement. Repeat and swap sides.

Medicine ball 

Squat with rotational pass

Grab a medicine ball that’s a manageable weight for both of you. Lower into a squat with your backs facing each other, standing a few inches apart. Twist your body to the side to pass the ball to your partner, who will receive the ball and twist to the opposite side to pass it back. This is a guaranteed way to get your legs burning and bring those obliques to the surface.

Lateral lunge with throw

Stand facing your partner. Holding the medicine ball to your chest, step one leg out and lunge to the side while your partner mirrors your actions. When you return to a standing position, throw the ball to your friend and repeat on the opposite side. This is great to tone your legs and butt whilst practicing coordination.

Resistance band

Chest press

Loop a long resistance band across your chest and hold it with your hands shoulder width apart. Have your gym buddy hold the ends of the band and stand behind you. Walk apart to place some tension on the band, then put one leg in front of the other for a gentle lunge. Hold your elbows up so that your biceps and forearms are parallel to the floor, then push your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Draw your hands back towards your chest. While you’re completing the exercise, your partner should stand firm with their elbows tucked by their sides at a 90° angle.

Band jump

Remain in the same stance as the exercise above, but lower the band so that it crosses your hips. Walk forward until there is tension in the band. Bend your knees and drive through your feet to jump forward. Take a few steps back to your starting position and repeat.


Standing in the same position, hinge forward slightly at the hips and gently bend at the knees. Now drive your arms and legs to sprint on the spot. Try and get as far forward as you can to fight maximum resistance – without sending your partner flying behind you!

Partner workouts are a convenient and fun way to keep you motivated towards exercise, however choosing the right partner is important. Pick someone who has a similar fitness level to you. Partnering up with a friend who is weaker than you may not result in a workout that’s challenging enough. Even worse, choosing someone who is stronger than you could increase your chances of injury if you push your body further than what it can cope with. It’s also important to remember that this is not just a social event – you’re there to get a job done. If you think you’re going to get sidetracked and chat the whole time, it might just be better heading to a coffee shop. Workout with someone whom you know is going to push you to do your best!