What you need to know to achieve healthy fat loss

If you have had trouble losing weight or keeping it off in the past, and tried every diet. It is time to consider what other factors could be behind your inability to lose weight. This journey is not simply about food or exercise; yes you need to get those things right for you but it is often about so much more. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Set a goal that is motivational for you, not just a number; use something that relates to how you want to feel and what you will achieve example: more energy, improved health.
  2. Plan how you are going to do this, what resources and support do you need? All goals are easier to achieve if you build strong scaffolding around them.
  3. Look at your relationships, work, friends, partners etc. Do you have the right support to achieve your goals? Are you spending time with the right people?
  4. Start with forgiveness and compassion for yourself, it is not possible hate and shame yourself to health!
  5. Learn how to nourish and nurture rather than punish and torture yourself.
  6. Get professional help if you need it, many people can find this work emotionally challenging and confronting or have trouble knowing which practical steps to take.

Fiona Kane, Nutritionist, Holistic Counsellor & Life Coach