In the previous three articles I presented the concept of low-level forms of motivation. I will now move onto the higher levels of motivation which are considered so because they are more intrinsic and positive and work over the long term.

Motivation level 3 is the health and wellness motivator. This is motivation that comes from our desire to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle which allows us to remain functional and enjoy a wide range of experiences and activities. It is motivation which comes from the knowledge that doing what we do is good for us, now and forever.

It is a long-term, intrinsic motivator. Once you have cultivated a desire within yourself to maximize your potential, live your best life and be the best you can possibly be, you will never look back and you will always find new and interesting ways to challenge yourself to go to the next level.

This level of motivation is important to reach for these reasons, although there is no rule saying you can’t use rewards and incentives and guilt motivators along with it.

The motivating factors I have discussed in this series of articles can be applied to every aspect of life, but this one applies so much to health and fitness that it is hard to imagine anything being more motivating. In fact, there are two higher levels of motivation, which will be discussed in the last two installments of this series.