In part 2 of this article I spoke about the lowest level of motivation, the rewards and incentives type. This is a short-term motivator because it is extrinsic and focusses on a temporary goal.

In this part, I will tell of another powerful short-term motivator which is also considered low level motivation because of the negative aspects associated with it and the temporary nature.

Level 2 motivators are known as guilt motivators. This is motivation that comes from a feeling of guilt or shame at how you live your lifestyle and the consequences of it. Body image issues, comparing yourself constantly to other people who are fitter or thinner than you, the desire to fit into a wedding dress that is currently too small for you, the desire to look good in a swimsuit for the summer.

These are all guilt motivators, and although this may seem to come from within you, it is still considered extrinsic motivation because most of these feelings come from our perception of what society expects from us. It is temporary because once the wedding or the summer is over, the motivation is no longer there and without a solid plan to maintain what you have achieved a backslide is inevitable.

Guilt is an important human emotion because it surfaces when we know we are behaving or have behaved in a manner unbecoming of us. Channeled correctly, it can influence us to make positive changes in our lives. It can also cause serious emotional and mental issues if that voice is ignored.