‘Tis the season for pavlovas, xmas hams, copious amounts of alcohol and long to-do lists. If the thought of food comas or venturing into Westfields plaza for last minute shopping has you crossing exercise off your list, then it might be time to get a little creative with your fitness.

Here’s my list of things you can do to maintain fitness and body tone through the silly season:

Go on a Nature Walk

We are so lucky to have the beautiful blue mountains at our doorstep. Check out the blue mountains website for the walking/running trails. They vary in difficulty so choose one that would suit your ability. Check the weather report before heading out and pack some snacks and water and you’re good to go.

  1. Be Selective

This can be applied to your food choices. When to indulge and when to come back to the plan. What type of alcoholic beverage (cocktail v vodka soda) etc holidays are a good time to have a break from the treadmill of life but try to be smart about your choices, otherwise jan/feb is not going to be fun times for you.

  1. Backyard Games

Kids get really bored during the holidays. Why not get them in the back yard and play abit of back yard cricket, your own mini athletics or as simple as a game of tag. So much scope for this one. Point is get out, get  moving and get the kids involved. Win, Win, win!!

  1. Exercise in the morning

Time is a big hurdle any time of the year, but more so during the holidays. This is a big tip if you want to have time for family or generally getting things done around the house. Train first thing in the morning so you get the rest of the day to do whatever. For a double whammy, train before breaky to get that fasted exercise in for extra brownie points.

  1. Keep it HIIT

High intensity interval training is awesome during the holidays. Short and sweet (20-30mins) so you have no excuses that you don’t have time to train and the rest of the day is yours to conquer.

Here’s a sweet little Burner to keep those calories at bay.

30sec of work with 15 sec rest

– Burpees

– Situps

– jump squats

– mountain climbers

– Tricep Dips

Repeat for 5 rounds and then stretch.


Hope you guys have a merry Xmas and enjoy time with family and loved ones.