We understand that life is for living so there is always a bit of a balancing act to do over the Christmas holiday period. This time of the year always gives us the perfect time and excuse, for everything to go a little bit wild and off routine. You don’t want you to miss out on anything but we also believe that you do not have to over-indulge either. To make life a little bit easier these holidays we thought we would put together a few great alternative ideas or swaps to your classic Chrissy dishes so that you can have your cake (aka body) and eat it too (aka literally eat food but without feeling horrible after).


Look, we understand that everything tastes better with butter or cream, its old-school and its hard not to follow those delicious traditions. But, these days there are so many alternative recipes you can make that taste just like your classic fave but with a few swaps here and there. Fat has 9 calories per gram so it is really easy to over-do it when your throwing in tablespoons of butter and cups of cream into a dish. Invest in a little googling time and see if you can sub out a classic dish for a healthier alternative.


Yeah yeah, we know you don’t want to eat like a rabbit on Christmas but just hear us out. You actually CAN make friends with salad. In our sunny Australian weather salads are often a great addition to the Christmas food table and they do not have to be boring! Try adding in textures like toasted nuts and a little salty hit like chopped up pieces of grilled chorizo and we promise you’ll notice people coming back for salad seconds. With all of the heavy dishes we tend to eat around this season, it is so nice to have a lighter option available to fill up a little on so you don’t get so tempted to over-do servings on everything else.


To some people gravy is life. Touching again on tip one though, gravy can send you into calorie over-drive, especially if it’s made the legit old fashioned way (literally with all the leftover fats from the roast). We don’t want you to not enjoy it at all but just make sure the turkey is cooked right so it’s not dry and try to have a little serve instead of covering everything on your plate in it!


Don’t freak out. Water WITH your wine, not in it. We all know that there are many hidden calories in all types of alcohol. We don’t necessarily want you to cut alcohol out over the holiday period because we know for a lot of us it is inevitable and also enjoyable. Instead of going crazy on the wines while you’re celebrating, try to match each drink you have with a tall glass of water. Not only will you be keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll feel better the next day and also fill up a little more on water instead of consuming those few extra drinks you might have had if you weren’t on the waters too! Just three drinks could add up to over 300+ additional calories so, you’re saving on calories and potentially saving yourself from an embarrassing conversation while you’re at it! so you’re saving on calories and potentially saving yourself from an embarrassing conversation while you’re at it!