When you think about it we usually ask for things like the newest iPhone, maybe an expensive kitchen appliance, makeup, clothes or just items we don’t really need that much for Christmas. Have you ever received a gift that genuinely changes your life? Have you ever asked for a gift that boosts your confidence? If not, maybe it is time to re-think your gift wish list this year.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty and think about it, confidence naturally comes with a fit body because its the pathway to a fit mind. Having a personal trainer could help you or your favourite person to grow the confidence they need to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

When you are starting a fitness journey it really does take a little extra confidence to get yourself to the gym, this is usually because you might not know the right way to exercise without getting hurt and the last thing any of us want’s or needs is an injury! Personal Trainers know the proper technique and form for all exercises and are trained to show you how to do exercise comfortably on your own without going too far as to cause an injury. Not only that, but a trainer can push you past where you would normally push yourself, accelerating your results!


A PT will keep you on track & keep you accountable

If keeping on track and staying committed is what has stopped you from progressing in the gym before then a trainer also helps with that! If you or your favourite person is often found wandering around the gym floor a little lost with where to go and what to do, possibly not having the abilities or confidence to write your own workout program then hiring a trainer is the ideal solution. They will teach you how to work gym equipment, boost your skillset/fitness knowledge, monitor progress in goals that are set so you can see how far you are progressing and just become like your new best friend.

It is so easy to skip the gym when no one is waiting on you and so much harder when you have a scheduled session locked in. When someone makes an appointment there is always a sense of accountability and inner responsibility to meet that obligation. By making and attending appointments you will find you or your favourite person already feels more confident before even working out as they’ve stuck to a task they said they would which gives you a feeling of achievement! Once you get through the tough barrier of sticking to an exercise program then it naturally feels easier to make other healthy decisions like eating right, drinking more water, resting and recovering properly. Before you know it, you have an entirely new lifestyle that allows you to feel great and enjoy life with confidence!

A PT will always give you needed encouragement

When someone already lacks a little confidence then it is so hard for them to see how far they have come. They might be progressing massively in the gym but be so hard on themselves that they don’t really notice it, get discouraged and then give up. Trainers really know how to motivate people, it is what they do all day long! A PT will encourage you just when you need it most, check in with you when others might not and be your #1 fangirl when they see your improvements. There is a fine line though, sometimes a person does not need a cheerleader and instead needs a little pep talk to push harder. A good trainer usually does not just know how to exercise, they know how to read a person and communicate with them in a way that suits them best.

Long story short?

  • A PT will determine a person’s current fitness level and future fitness goals, devise a plan and help them implement and stick to it.
  • A PT will stick with you or your friend no matter what, motivating them to work harder to reach the goals they truly want.
  • A PT will help you or your friend find the right intensity of training in order to progress without becoming run down on injured.
  • A PT will teach you or your friend the correct form for all exercises and equipment in the gym. So much so, that you should have the confidence after a few sessions to train on your own comfortably.
  • Finally, a PT will always reward your accomplishments giving the boost of confidence that we all need to keep on going!

So, why not give the gift of confidence to yourself or your favourite person this year. It might not be a typical present but if you genuinely think about it, it’s the type of present that can change your life for the better!