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Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives in the Penrith community through health, fitness and wellness. We achieve this by encouraging people to live an active lifestyle, complemented by a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in regular self-care. We deliver this in a world class, resort style, non-intimidating facility that is furnished with the best exercise equipment in the world, catering to everyone from beginners to the experienced gym goer, covering all aspects of fitness. Our onsite NU Healthy cafe covers healthy eating. Atmosphere is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our members by improving their self esteem, confidence and overall well being. We strive to assist our members to develop new, life improving habits, meet new friends and form new social networks. We encourage our members to Live Life Active.
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Gyms With Childcare Near Me

Welcome to Atmosphere Fitness; the number one member-focused gym in Penrith! We understand that there are few things more difficult than trying to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise when you’re taking care of little ones, so we try to make it a little easier! You want to find a gym with childcare so that you can be healthy & take care of your children without having to compromise.

Our active kid’s club was designed for parents by parents. We offer a unique 2-hour limit so that you can get in your work out, and maybe even a coffee and lunch with your workout buddies afterwards. Our kid’s club isn’t a place kids have to be while mum and dad get some much needed time for themselves, but is a place they want to be!

With our fun and energetic child care professionals, toys and activities your kids will look forward to getting to the gym just as much as you do.

What To Look For In A Gym With Childcare?

When raising a child they often take priority so instead of searching for “What’s the best gym near me”, you may be looking for “Is there a gym with childcare near me?” With Atmosphere Fitness, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

We are the best gym in Penrith and we have over 120 group fitness classes a week and offer everything from pilates to yoga, kickboxing and more! We offer aqua aerobics, have state of the art facilities and our trainers and staff are all the best of the best so, of course, we extend that level of excellence to our childcare program.

At Atmosphere Fitness, we’ve got your back and we know how important getting time at the gym is, especially for parents. Our instructors and trainers can also help you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy with modified workouts and movements, even in the group classes, and then once your baby is here, let us help you get that body back with our postnatal programs.

A Gym With Childcare Near Me With A Feeling of Community

The best part about our gym is the ability to build a community. Our group fitness classes offer a sense of support and accountability as well as the ability to make new friends or spend time with existing ones. The great part about our kid’s fit club is that they’ll be making friends and having a good time too so you don’t have to feel bad about being away from them while you focus on improving your mental, social and physical health.

Learn More About Our Gym With Childcare

We’re so confident that you’ll love it here that we’re offering you a free 7-day trial so you can really get a feel for our facility and what we’re all about. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 02 4760 0700 or send an email to

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At Atmosphere Health & Fitness Club, our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Atmosphere offers the most comprehensive member integration process into our Club of any gym. This will help you find the path to your health and fitness journey, and stay on it! We offer over 120 Group Fitness Classes per week which will help you maintain motivation through support and inspiration.

If Personal Training is your thing, Atmosphere’s Personal Trainers will help you achieve results faster. If you are looking to accelerate weight loss, tone or shape your body, build muscle mass or just improve your current results, we can help. Be fuelled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential.On top of this, Atmosphere offers a 4 week Healthy Weight Management and Nutrition course, FREE to our members.

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