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Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives in the Penrith community through health, fitness and wellness. We achieve this by encouraging people to live an active lifestyle, complemented by a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in regular self-care. We deliver this in a world class, resort style, non-intimidating facility that is furnished with the best exercise equipment in the world, catering to everyone from beginners to the experienced gym goer, covering all aspects of fitness. Our onsite NU Healthy cafe covers healthy eating. Atmosphere is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our members by improving their self esteem, confidence and overall well being. We strive to assist our members to develop new, life improving habits, meet new friends and form new social networks. We encourage our members to Live Life Active.
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Bootcamp Training In Penrith

A structured, high intensity programme can provide the perfect solution for those seeking to build strength, lose weight, tone up or increase their fitness. Bootcamp training is one of the best programmes you can ask for when it comes to seeing and achieving actual results. With a varying programme, adjustable to suit anyone’s fitness levels, set times for your training and of course an instructor guiding and pushing you on, bootcamp style training can make a significant difference in helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Our Fitness Bootcamp In Penrith

At Atmosphere Fitness, we are proud to offer the best loved bootcamp in Penrith. We are consistently introducing members to different equipment styles of training in our bootcamp classes, ranging from HITT to conditioning exercises, to keep you motivated, challenged and pushing on to achieve better and better results. Central to our reputation for delivering the best fitness bootcamp Penrith has to offer is our friendly, all-inclusive group training environment. Members find themselves really inspired by the energy of the group environment. No one gets left behind in our bootcamp classes. Exercises are designed to lend others a helping hand and help everyone get over the finishing line. You’ll become addicted to our bootcamp exercises, the vibes, the support, the guidance and most importantly, the results. That’s the Atmosphere promise.

The Benefits of Bootcamp Classes

Undecided as to whether bootcamp style training is for you? Let’s explore some of the many benefits you can experience: Accountability Bootcamp instructors will consistently make their way around each person to monitor how they are doing, and drive them on. Bootcamp is based on military workouts however don’t worry – our trainers are not drill sergeants! That said, they will hold you accountable and push you to work harder when you’re faltering or when they feel you’ve got more left in the tank. Full-body workout With busy lifestyles, it can be tough to schedule in dedicated workouts for various areas of the body. With bootcamp classes, you get a full body workout in each and every session. In terms of time investment, few training classes can enable you to work as many parts of your body as hard as bootcamp does. It’s an easy way to hit your training goals when you’re short on time. Burn serious calories The varied style of HIIT and functional training exercises typical of bootcamp training programmes means that you burn a serious amount of calories per session. The precise number of calories burned will vary from person to person. However, the average calories burned tend to fall in the region of 500-1000 calories per session. Get social As exercise classes go, bootcamp training offers the best social engagement. Depending on the instructor, it is not uncommon to pair people up and get the group actively involved in supporting each other and even running mini competitions in-class for fun. Bootcamp provides the perfect opportunity to engage and mix with like-minded people on a regular basis and build new friendships.

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Atmosphere Fitness has over 100 classes for you to choose from. So whether you’re keen to dive into bootcamp training or sample several different exercise classes, we’ve got lots of different options to choose from. With classes running 7 days a week from morning to night, you’re sure to find a fun class that supports your fitness goals and fits your schedule. Read Less

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At Atmosphere Health & Fitness Club, our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Atmosphere offers the most comprehensive member integration process into our Club of any gym. This will help you find the path to your health and fitness journey, and stay on it! We offer over 120 Group Fitness Classes per week which will help you maintain motivation through support and inspiration.

If Personal Training is your thing, Atmosphere’s Personal Trainers will help you achieve results faster. If you are looking to accelerate weight loss, tone or shape your body, build muscle mass or just improve your current results, we can help. Be fuelled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential.On top of this, Atmosphere offers a 4 week Healthy Weight Management and Nutrition course, FREE to our members.

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