Bodyweight training is a widely used training tool by athletes for functionality, power and strength and by individuals who want to be able to do cool strength movements and really challenge their body. Bodyweight training is a very beneficial and convenient method of training due to the simplicity and effectiveness as you don’t need equipment to do it and it is a powerful and effective way to build muscle and strength. Many people avoid bodyweight exercises such as chin ups and push ups because they struggle to do them. But that’s only because they aren’t training to become stronger at them and maybe don’t have ideas around what to do. There is a lot to gain from making this type of training a regular part of your workouts. Here’s a few reasons why you should include it and some exercises you should do.

Your Body is a great resistance tool. Many great bodybuilders used bodyweight exercises in their training regimens. But many of today’s lifters think if they don’t have some iron in their hands they are wasting time. However, If you consider yourself strong just test if you are and if you can’t complete at least 30 full push-ups and 10 full pull-ups using just your body and strict form then you have some work to do. Working on push ups, chin ups, dips, single leg squats, handstands and many more exercises are going not only build strength and muscle but also functionality and mobility.

It is also a great way test your body fat. If you’re trying to get strong and put some size on to help with increasing your strength as having an increased body mass can improve your leverage to lift an external load, regardless of that mass being made up of fat or muscle. With bodyweight exercises any extra body weight you’re carrying will decrease your leverage and make your exercises more difficult by creating added resistance. So if you are pushing some big weights but can’t get your bodyweight up like you used to or can’t do some of the bodyweight basics then you are probably carrying to much excess body fat and therefore should look at changing a few things in regards to your nutrition.

Bodyweight Exercises Build Coordination and functionally. Have you ever tried a handstand? Was it too hard to do free standing? Whilst free weight movements such as the barbell squat have quite a bit of technique and coordination involved, it’s not quite the same as the coordination required to do a handstand. The total body involvement you get from bodyweight exercises has a much greater benefit from a functionally stand point as well as improvement in coordination. If you want to build the coordination to do a handstand, then you can start by using a wall for assistance. With practice you’ll learn to gradually rely less on resting your feet against the wall for support as you build the coordination to balance fully on your hands.


  • Jack Sweeney