Before I start, I need to say, that none of the advice of information here should replace any information given by your Doctor or registered Physician.

I have been in the Health and Fitness industry now for about 12 years. I have tried different diets over that time, but the one I am sinking my teeth into of late is the ketogenic diet.

The Ketogenic diet, focuses on eating Low Carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat as the breakdown of the macronutrients.

I will be going into the main points of the diet of what I did to be successful in this diet and how I became “Fat adapted” in 30 days.

  1. Eat 1g of Protein per 1kg of bodyweight per day. I use my fitness pal to get a good understanding of how much protein is in each cut of meat or food.
  2. I choose fattier cuts of meat as opposed to leaner cuts. I also choose to buy from a farm that uses regenerative agriculture and grass fed-grass finished animals. (ethical farmers are pretty good at this)
  3. Keep Carbs Low! 20-100g per day. This all depends on carbohydrate tolerance. The only way to know this, is to check ketones on a daily basis with a ketone meter. Start with 100g, and then drop 10g every week until ketones are present. Ketosis is 0.5mml/L and above. I sit around 0.8mml/L.

Also, stay away from grains, fructose, starchy carbs and anything processed. This will hinder ketone production.

  • Eat vegetables as much as is necessary.
  • Eat fat to satiety. But it is important to start low on this and slowly add more as fat adaptation becomes use to the digestion system.

Fats include but not inclusive: Animal fat, butter, cream, avocado, coconut products, nuts.

Fats to stay away from are: hydrogenated oils, safflower oils, sunflower oils, peanut oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, palm oil

  • I also check my blood sugars. I sit at around 5.1-5.5mml/L. Over time I wish to get this lower.
  • I also fast intermittently. I try to utilise the 16/8. 8 hour feeding window and 16 hour fasting. I have found this very important to stay in ketosis.

Steve Zekic

Nutrition and Fitness Coach