If you’ve checked out our @atmospherehfc Instagram page before then you would have seen some epic pictures of our ‘Anti-Gravity Yoga’ class in action. Sometimes people tend to steer clear of these classes because the impressive upside-down poses can be a little intimidating, however, although you get to hang from the red silks inverted, you also get to do many other beginner-friendly poses and there are so many benefits of Anti-Gravity yoga, especially for the new yogis.

Similar to an aerial circus and aerial dance, anti-gravity yoga is where you use what we call hammocks which are suspended from the ceiling. Traditional yoga poses are then adjusted slightly and you get additional support from the fabric or alternatively, you can make some poses more difficult or apply a deeper stretch by using the hammock.


Some poses throughout a traditional yoga class require a lot of balance. Take the warrior III pose for example. If you have a hard time reaching out and keeping your balance, while doing this pose in an anti-gravity yoga class you can hold onto the hammock for support. Alternatively, if you were wanting to make the same pose more challenging you could put your back foot into the hammock.

Try to think of the hammocks as a traditional yoga prop like blocks or straps, it allows everyone to enjoy yoga from entry-level and beyond. As mentioned previously, if you have trouble balancing you can use the hammock for extra support, if you have not built up the strength for a headstand yet, the hammock can hold you so you still get all of the benefits of doing an inversion. Just like floor-based yoga, there are all different styles of anti-gravity yoga such as yin, power, restorative and therapeutic. Our class at Atmosphere likes to use a combination of all of these to suit every person!


We don’t just teach tricks during a class. Instead, each class has a natural yoga flow and the instructor will guide you through each pose and movement, reminding you when to inhale and exhale and offering modifications to the movement if you need. The hammock will force you to find your centre and balance which is an amazing benefit, pushing those that are new to really focus on control, learn correct alignment and progress through the flow.

Reduction in back pain is a massive benefit of anti-gravity yoga classes. By having a hammock hold you, even without doing an inversion, your spine decompresses. This creates circulation between each vertebra and in-turn decreases inflammation and allows better mobility. Not only this but each class is a fantastic workout so you can feel comfort in knowing you can include a class as one of your regular training sessions and break up the routine a little each week.


If you’re hesitant to try an anti-gravity yoga class and would like to feel more at ease, our instructors are always more than happy to calm your nerves and talk you through it before you book in online. All of our instructors are qualified in anti-gravity classes so can talk you through each pose or give you modified exercises until you feel comfortable finding your own flow throughout the class.

Check out the link below to book into an Anti-Gravity yoga class this week at Atmosphere Health & Fitness. https://www.atmospherefitness.com.au/training/group-fitness/