If you look forward to chest day then this article is for you. These five cover everything you need to maximise growth and aesthetics for the perfect chest.

 1. Start With A Fly, Not A Press 

Starting chest workouts with a press seems like the norm as lets face it, pressing something heavy feels really good . what might surprise you is doing flyes firsts makes more sense. Flyes gives you a deep stretch at the bottom and a high-quality contraction at the top.

This isolation movement helps promote blood into the chest muscles which primes your pump for the rest of the workout priming your pump for the rest of your workout. We recommend varying up which fly exercises you use from dumbbells at any bench angle, to cables, to a TRX Suspension Trainer, to the pec-deck machine.

2.  Press At Many Angles

The chest is one of those unique muscles that will develop exactly how you stimulate it. So if you do flat bench you will develop muscles around the mid part of the pec but not the top part. Try mixing in incline and dumbbell press to build both the top and lower part of the pec muscle to maximise a symmetrical chest

3. Hold It To Hit It

Switch things up and add isometric holds into your chest routines. doing one-second pauses at the peak contraction or try some isometric holds for 15-30 seconds to stimulate your chest.

4. Put The Weight Of Your Own Body To Work

Don’t underestimate the value of dips and push-ups.  Either one makes a great workout warm-up or finisher, and with some alterations, they can become extremely intense. To target different aspects of your chest try elevating your feet on a bench or step or put your hands on a bench or step to target your lower pecs.