Getting started in a new gym or changing your current lifestyle to include more exercise can be so exciting but, also a little scary. It is actually extremely common for both beginner and experienced gym-goers to feel out of place when they are going to a new gym. A lot of us let our anxiety about what other people might think stop us from joining a new gym and creating a new exercise routine.

No one should have to feel like this and you do not have to either. Try out these 4 tips to ease your gym anxiety.


We purposely put this as the number one point because it is vital to having a comfortable gym experience. The gym closest to you might have the best rate in town, the best amenities or some nice equipment, however, if you do not personally like it or feel comfortable there than you’ll be very unlikely to keep going back there every day.

Most gyms will offer you a trial so that you can try out the space for at least a few days and see if you like it as well as chat with the people within the gym and see if they make you feel comfortable. Another good way is to chat with friends in your circle and see where they go. Training with a friend can put you at ease until you feel more comfortable going on your own.


A massive reason for a lot of the intimidation and anxiety in the gym can come from being faced with the floor-to-ceiling mirrors in most standard gyms. For people new to exercise, it can be a little uncomfortable getting used to them.

A good tip to avoid letting this get to you is to just embrace the mirrors. Use them to focus on yourself and your form rather than getting caught up in what everyone else is doing. Or, if need to warm up to the idea of looking at yourself for an hour-long session then why not try just starting off in the machine areas of the gym that are not facing towards a mirror and slowly working your way towards the areas of the gym that you’re a little intimidated by as you feel more and more comfortable.


There is a reason why personal trainers are out there and it is to show you how to train properly, push you and also to assist people that don’t always feel comfortable exercising on their own. You can learn so much from training with a personal trainer and if you commit to training with them for a period of time and use that time to pick up knowledge and confidence then you can consider it an investment towards your health and training future!

If you can not afford a personal trainer then the next best thing would be to start off with group training classes as the trainers running the class are looking over everyone and will assist you with each exercise.


Yep, you read right. Everyone knows how good you can feel wearing new gym clothes and also how motivating it is when you’ve got the perfect workout playlist to listen to. You might not be the type to care about ‘looking good’ in the gym but the correct workout gear can make a massive difference to how you feel in the gym. Think about it, have you ever worn gym tights that are too big or small, a gym top that is frustrating you because it falls off your shoulders in a workout? Whether it’s looking good or just feeling comfortable, the right gym clothes can make a world of difference!

When it comes to the perfect playlist, include your absolute favourite music in it! The right workout music can have a huge impact on your mood and energy levels so it’s key to keep your Spotify or Apple Music playlist updated and on point!

Don’t let your worry put you off starting a healthy and happy lifestyle! If you’re feeling anxious about starting a new gym they try out some of these things and let us know how you go!